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how much would it cost...

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Im thinking about paying someone to make a java chat room for me ( i know there's free one's out there but i need custom button in the java applet and other features) i would try to learn java but it would take way to long to learn it.. so my question is... how much would it cost to pay some one to build a custom chat from in java?
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I originally only knew JavaScript and was taught Java in my first year at the University. It's better than nothing because, in essence, they all use similar syntax anyway. Though, there are some major differences, considering JavaScript is actually a renamed version of Netscape's LiveScript (to take advantage of the hype Java had at the time) and has nothing to do with Java.

The nifty thing about Java is that all of the major functionality is contained within the giant API, which is documented very well. So, once you grasp classes and scope (not hard if you have previous programming experience), you've pretty much nailed the language.

Of course, if you have no experience with Java whatsoever, I wouldn't suggest making this your first project. It's always best to start from the beginning and work your way up, making more complicated projects as you go along, when you're learning a new language.

You mentioned something about this to me earlier. Maybe if you explain your requirements a bit better, somebody could point you in the right direction.
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