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how much a graphics card cost to the manufacturer

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Well we see price drops every now and then....some price drops are pretty huge...
.i wanted to know how much $ does it cost for a manufacturer to make a graphics card(say some latest ones)(just out the factory kinda dealership cost,transport cost etc).......and if possible what is their profit margin when they first release the card.........
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hmm....correct there.....
anyways just needed it for curiosity sake :p
use google or just check the nearest Computer Manufacture Shop Next to you. it depends on what graphic card you are planing to buy and which country you live in.
Don't be like me getting trolled for not using google :)

I suggest you buy a new graphic card maybe geforce9500. its not really bad at all and you will get to too much trouble fixing it

Good luck

wtf lol........his grammar has increased ten fold...... :p

thanks for the inputs there........informative
btw are silicon wafers tasty :p.....the name makes me hungry :p
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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