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How many?

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How many playstation games do you have?

I have 61 games:)

I would like to be a warrior
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your website has warez. post it again and you will be banned.
Ow man, those guys would never understand!?!?
Sony is always wanting a excuse like that to hunt down emus and everything related. Because of those atitudes, now the psx emu scene is barely legal, but it may be prohibited someday if the isos freaks out there don't stop. The psx is not a dead system as of yet, it still being sold and is profiting. So if you want to play your favorite games with better graphics and sound(most of the times) you should refuse to make use of piracy to achieve that, and be more concious that it might be bad not only for you, but for the entire psx emu scene. So, STOP ASKING (OR SUPPLYING) FOR ISOS OR PIRATED STUFF, HERE OR ANYWHERE!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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