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How many gmail invites do you have?

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For the longest time, I was stuck at 6 (they'd replenish periodically, but never more than 6 at a time). Many other people said that had 12 at that time. Just the other day, I noticed that my main gmail acct suddenly had 50 invites available at once.
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Everyone got 50. I guess its pretty much a way of finally opening gmail to the public.
Not everyone got 50 (at least not at the same time). I have a second acct that was still at 6 for 2 days after the primary one got the 50 (which is what prompted this question). However, it too has 50 invites now, so it is probable that gmail is giving everyone 50, but is doing it in batches.
they gave 50 invites on the account i always use and still only have 6 on the one i never use. they'll probably launch soon this year
I have 3 accounts, 150 invites as a total.
Yeah same here. since all my 3 accounts go 50 mails i thought everyone got them :p
I've got 50 as well since last week. I don't even know what to do with it.... I can even have more online storage space this way than I have on my HD :p
50 here... and I haven't invited any other too since most of my friends also got gmail :)
50 too <.<'
but i don't understand, why so many peopel buy it for 1-2 euro from ebay-usern? o_O''
Popuri said:
50 too <.<'
but i don't understand, why so many peopel buy it for 1-2 euro from ebay-usern? o_O''
Because they have no friends? :rolleyes:
Because they have no friends, and are too stupid to search forums for gmail invite threads. Every forum seems to have at least one such thread these days.
Yup, I got 50 thanks to the wonderful users at ngemu who gave me my first account back when they wernt as popular.
Hey cool! I have 50 as well. This must be a recent thing, cause it was only a week and a half ago, when I sent two invited to two people, and I had 4, 50....kick-ass!

r2rX :D
50 here too. I also believe this is a sign that Gmail will fnally start accepting normal signups for accounts. No clue when though.
google must be out of their mind.. either they're drunk or plotting something.. all I know is, there seem to be a catch..
Nah, they just own. I've read all the license agreement and i didnt look like there could possible be any catch.
maybe hacked? :p

..or bugged thing...

they should simply put it like hotmail, anyone can login, it's simply useless, if everyone got 150 invites, who knows 150 persons who want to use gmail??
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