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How many games....PC+PSX games U have in total

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Well I am counting those games which on total one CD....not the ones which have hundreds like.......sega games..........or NEOgeo CD with 10 to 12 lets count mine........!

I have a total of 24 psx games........a few are on two cds.......!

annnd I have about 65 PC games..............!

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40 PSX games, probably around 20 or so PC games.
:heh: Do games on floppy disks also count? :p

As I've been playing games on my pc for 10ish years I have to many to count.
1-psx game(badly damage) ;)
1-pc game(for windows 3.1) ;) j/k

ok 83-psx games
ok 58-pc games
i'm not a computer addict :eek: :evil:

does game demo counts j/k!!! :D
In the same way your not a member eh
i like to put banned on my tittle but i dont want it to be real so i decided to put not a member than banned ;) :D :D :D
Originally posted by Betamax
:heh: Do games on floppy disks also count? :p

Well......just go for the ones on one complete CD

Firegl: U'V got some huge game collection....!

Well here goes :

76 PSX games
102 PC games (someof them are very old )
45 orginal Gameboy Games (not emu) .
Well, about 5 psx games and about 50 computer games (some really old...)

30+ psx games
40+ saturn games
20 pc games

I don't really count them all.. Too many..
About 20 PC games (including old versions of Counterstrike)

About 50 PSX games, 35+ of which are japanese imports. :p

78 psx (and growing as cost drops)
5 PC ...( can't believe we still have that Win 3.1 Wing Commander)
Originally posted by Ali

Well......just go for the ones on one complete CD

Ah well that narrows it down. I kinda didn't want to check 400+ floppies.

Time to open that infamous cupboard again.

Well I have at least 1 1/2 full cd racks of games plus approx another 20ish unsorted on top of the cupboard. That's about 140 or so. Of course this a rough estimate as I don't know how many are disk 2's etc...
Around 10 PSX games (I don't actually own a PSX, but I got the games anyway) and 30 PC games or so...

Rant: I love trains! Beside Trains Simulator and Rairoad Tycoon II, is there another good game about trains that any of you may know?
Ehh wait a min let me count it first.................

OK here it is done ;)
40 psx games
30 pc games
In some psx games I have both eng and jap version ;)
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100+ or so PC games (discounting the ones that got scratched beyond recognition or got chewed by my nephew.. :heh: )
56+ PS games and 4 PS2 games (they all suck) :evil:
U guys have got a damn big collection.

91 ps games
18 dc games
donno how many pc
I only own a DC and PC not a PS.
I currently have:
33 psx games
20 gameboy games
9 neo geo carts
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