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Hmm copy of gt issue)

Hey. In retroarch i have vibration problem, my gamepad vibrates in dinput okay, in xinput not okay...
Tried to use 3.x version, but it just does not work

Ra loads x360ce, i saw it in resource hacker, but refuse to take settings not only about vibration, but about button remap too
Just ignores

I tried use x360ce with xinput test and everything work...

actually most gamepad i think gave xinput. but there is some problem with vibration, especially in win10
ra does not support dinput vibration

with x360ce i cant understand, it does not want to accept x360ce. maybe cause it uses dinput too...

or maybe there is some problem in pcsx core too. but at least as i get u can check does x360ce works, it should use remapped buttons, but it does not want
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