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How does the thread rating work?

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How is it implimented? Can we search threads based on ratings? What is it used for exactly?
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Originally posted by Gk1986
well, for people like Xev and I, it shows how much we have posted in such a small amount of time...
Yeah, but that's also in user profile :p.
Eh? When did the date registered start popping up? Has that always been there? That's almost as pointless as the personal ratings.
That's been there since I got here. In June, 2001. DAMN, it's been a long time! :eek:
Wait a second, we kept the date registered but not the location? That's strange...
Possibly an administrative mix-up. A big fat :doh: noone acknowledges.
plz jes gimme my location back so i can be completey tolkienized... :)
As I thought, you CAN get a 2 rating and still have a full green bar. This isn't what I left the vote as for the person, but I'm just showing you it's possible. For what it's worth, a 1 rating also left the person a green bar. So it's very much possible to get a green bar, it's all down to the number of votes.
121 - 127 of 127 Posts
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