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How does the thread rating work?

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How is it implimented? Can we search threads based on ratings? What is it used for exactly?
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hey, wasn't this feature before you upgraded the software?
so... why did just now ppl started to post about that?
Originally posted by Keiichi

Shameless Plug: :p

hey guys vote for my screenshots threads. :p
huh? where is it?
Originally posted by Ryos
It would appear five votes is the minimum needed to see the rating. Keiichi is referring to and Ah, I guess ratings have to be turned on before you can see ratings for a forum. That's probably why no one saw them before. ;)
thanks ryos!

I just went there and voted :)
hey guys.... well, this "member rating" thing is sort of weird... how do I know how many people voted for me??
hey guys, thanx!!!

don't forget to vote for me!!!!
hey.... thanx for the voting... (makes me feel better towards you guys!)
Originally posted by Samor
so, as long as everyone gives you a high five it stays all green and stuff, but if not it gets colored, and if you are evil it turns into a short, colored bar, right? ;)
hey, I just only get the value of the last vote, how do I know the value of everyone else's votes?:confused:
Originally posted by Xeven

yeah.. mine was starting to shorten to red! :D

Tak: there is probably no way to know the what the people rated you..

:cry: now I won't be able to take my revenge!!!:mad:

who made me have a rainbow status?!?!?!?!

edit: just joking guys! well thanx to you, at least I have a full rainbow status, and not an empty bar... thanx!!!!
well... thanx sandie...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! now I'll be ready for taking revenge!!!!:evil:
Originally posted by Sandie
I personally feel that if the rating sysytem stays then it should also show the average rating a person receives. Cause as of right now it seems like everyone has green or rainbow. All the rainbows look the same.
I agree with ya', because, well... I don't know the average of my rating... so I cannot take revenge on those who give me a bad rating (j/k... I don't hold a grudge against anyone)
Originally posted by Enigma1982
This is a hack for vBulletin board so I think it is a bug.
I don't think so... maybe it's because it looks cool there...
Originally posted by Ryos
They don't throw in a button that does something wrong because it "looks cool." Whoever did the hack just coded it wrong.
*sigh*.... not just a hacker, besides a stupid one.....
Originally posted by Enigma1982

If you try to code this by yourself someday.You will know it not easy as you think.
well, here in Colombia there is a common saying, and goes like this:

"do it good, or don't do it"

well, it applies for many things..... :innocent:
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