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How does the thread rating work?

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How is it implimented? Can we search threads based on ratings? What is it used for exactly?
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Originally posted by Ryos
From the board's faq:

How do I rate a thread?
You may find a small menu on thread pages which allows you to 'rate this thread' with a number between 1-5.

Casting a vote for threads you view is entirely optional, but if you think that the thread is superb, you might rate it as a 5-star thread, or if you think that it's unspeakably dismal, you might choose to rate the thread with a single star.

Once enough votes have been cast for the thread rating, you may see a set of stars appear with the title of the thread in the thread listings. These stars reflect the average vote cast, and can allow you to quickly see which threads are worth reading if you are on a very busy board with a lot of threads.

I don't think you can search for threads based on ratings, and I've yet to see a thread with enough votes to be rated.
So how many votes do we need?
Originally posted by takmadeus
so... why did just now ppl started to post about that?
ignorance contributes generously to these things. :emb:
What? Only three stars for this thread? :cry:
Originally posted by Keiichi
next time i'm gonna vote for each of my screenshots posts. :p With an average of 7 posts i do per screenshot thread i make, a five-star rating wouldn't be that hard to get. :p
Unfortunately, an user can only vote once like the poll :p
i guess this is kinda like the hp/mp thingy at another forum I've been to. Kinda cool, if you ask me.
Originally posted by Ryos
I'd rather have the hp/mp thingy. That's saying a lot. It's annoying to look at...annoying period, really.
I was referring to that other forum's hp/mp. This hurts my eyes...:cool:
Originally posted by Keiichi
ah, that's easy. don't click on the "go" button anymore. once you release the pulldown menu, it automatically gives the rating you chose. :)
i had that problem at first too. Why da hell is there a go button there anyway?
Originally posted by kairi00

Oh... okay... I get it... I think... :heh:
It's bizzare.... and personally I don't see the use of this feature... the HP/MP would've looked cooler :p
dont be too picky now...
Originally posted by prafull
If this rating system is going to continue then may be they should differentiate between different "so called rainbows".
seriously. The only way I could first tell is by checking the picture's URL.
Originally posted by EfrainMan
Oh. Heh. :heh:. Yeah, I want the location thing back. :emb:
something HAS to go. There's too many things on the side, and it clutters the side up.
Originally posted by Xeven
Date Registered seems to have no use..
the rating...since everyone's going to have a rainbow rating sooner or later ;)
Originally posted by Xeven
The rating is a dead giveaway.. :p!
yup. BTW Think you need a better title. :p
Originally posted by Xeven
yeah? Like Wut? :eyes: :p :evil:
like mine...
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Originally posted by Xeven
nah.. the avatar says it all .. hehehe!:love:
not as well as Kairi's...hehe
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Originally posted by Xeven
maybe i should post the WHOLE pic then?
Originally posted by Xeven
Why you horny BATARD! :evil::evil:
Horns? I don't have horns...:innocent::evil:
Originally posted by EfrainMan
I . . . concur. :) The date joined and user rating are a little . . . pointless (at least the way rating is applied). :p
well, for people like Xev and I, it shows how much we have posted in such a small amount of time...
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