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How does the thread rating work?

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How is it implimented? Can we search threads based on ratings? What is it used for exactly?
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What is that "Ratings" thing on the profile on the left? :eyes: :p
yeah, And Ryos has a Rainbow.. :eyes: i have no idea.. :p
There 've rated you 5 and you have a green too.. :p
i have a bad feeling about this rating thing.. hehe.. :heh:
Originally posted by Bgnome
well, i can see that noone likes me.. ;)
yeah, i saw that.. at least it went up now.. hehe.. or did you vote yourself a 1 or sumthing? :p there.. you're back to full Bg! hehe:p
and why is it that some guys have rainbow's and other's pure colors? :eyes: .. :stupid:
Originally posted by Ryoga

so, so people don't like me? :(
i'm pretty sure i'll be all red by the end of the day.. so don't sweat it.. :p
check your profile, it includes the no. of people who voted for ya.. :p
Originally posted by Samor
hmm...and if you click that it also says WHO voted...
umm where Samor? :confused: i can't find out who voted 4 me.. :D

edit: now i've found it.. sheez, im such a dumbass!
Originally posted by Samor
so, as long as everyone gives you a high five it stays all green and stuff, but if not it gets colored, and if you are evil it turns into a short, colored bar, right? ;)
yeah.. mine was starting to shorten to red! :D

Tak: there is probably no way to know what other people rated you..
ayy! there's also the danger of CLONING in the boards now.. :wink:
whooah! im going DOWN! :D

some typos.., my previous rarting is 5, yey!:D :p
oh. so that's what that "Previous Rarting" means.. I thought it meant exactly the opposite.. thnx for the info Sandie..
Re: Hmmm

Originally posted by Dark Watcher
Just voted for you....
Thanks to those who voted for us :)
Rating system makes us feel like we are indeed helping here....
Hey Thanks Dark Watcher! :)
l also loved my location.. i was between eight and nine too! :p
I think Ryos is currently the person with the most votes.. 22, last time i checked! :D
1 - 20 of 127 Posts
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