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How does the thread rating work?

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How is it implimented? Can we search threads based on ratings? What is it used for exactly?
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Originally posted by Ryos
I don't think you can search for threads based on ratings, and I've yet to see a thread with enough votes to be rated.
Shameless Plug: :p

hey guys vote for my screenshots threads. :p
next time i'm gonna vote for each of my screenshots posts. :p With an average of 7 posts i do per screenshot thread i make, a five-star rating wouldn't be that hard to get. :p
ah, that's easy. don't click on the "go" button anymore. once you release the pulldown menu, it automatically gives the rating you chose. :)
I'm starting to think the "Location" info was a better idea than the "Ratings" one. :D

...seriously, I think this "ratings" thing should apply to threads only.
I wanna go back to Nekomi Kodai. ;)

...well, maybe sometimes to Hinatasou. :D
1 - 5 of 127 Posts
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