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how does that games.txt work again?

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games.txt, can it just be copied in the vgs directory and that's it? no need for a patch? I think I asked before some time ago but I completely forgot about it....
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The Vintage Gaming Network is boring....hehe.....anyway.....i heard you have to put in the vgs dir but i didn't notice any difference so...
hey Disturbed,

i think Vintage Gaming Software/System suits it more
anyway Samor, you just put the file in VGS dir.
and Disturbed ,i do notice some difference(s)
for example ,i can play FF8 till the end(with all abilities unlocked) with it
It's odd though that it works that way...
Just Put in VGS directory??? how come never work on me !!!FFIX without patch???
hmmm...I thought we must use a Generic Patcher together with games.txt eh? My friend was able to play Persona 2 till the end with those paired together. Use Generic Patcher and load .txt files and click Patch and Run...maybe...just a suggestion...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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