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Melhisedek said:
I seriously would kill for a British accent. I love the sound of it.

On topic... Hmmm
To meet people you need friends and than go to parties, no other easy way. On parties there is always someone with whom you can start a conversation (or they start it with you).

My problem is that I never had a GF :( Always the same problem, I meet a girl, we talk, she likes me, I bail out :( (*edit* not every girl) No idea why. Can think of a few things I guess, one being I never kissed anyone so I'm embarrassed. I really had a great girl like me once but I blew it. Chickened out.
So as somebody mentioned I'm used being without a girl :(

hehehe sounded like i was pretty good with ladies, but it's more like 1 in 50 I meet :)
The art of kissing is something learned...You must experience it in order to learn. Look past your fears...It's like being afraid of going on an amusement ride...your afraid at first..the first time scares the crap out of you initially..but afterwords the experience gets better and better.

DW Advice on both kissing and sex:
Always begin slow..not offering too much. This serves as a tease and a familiarization tool. The familiarization comes from measuring your partners desire and / or experience. Measure their intensity...If they become more intense..then you do the same..If they seem to push away somewhat your too intense (we are referring to insertion..mouth or other). Slowly draw your partner in close...Nothing is more desirable then the feeling of being held closely..Touch is a wonderful thing. Move your hands teasingly around less dangerous areas..and slowly move nearer to the danger areas but never quite going there. Again..measure the intensity...if it is just right your partner will guide your hands to those pleasurable danger zones. :thumb:

Practice makes perfect, but if you don't allow yourself the will never be perfect..get it ;)

We understand fears..but look at it like this...two main things can happen..Your partner could have as little experience as you. This is the best scenario because you can teach each other...The other scenario is the partner is more experienced..this is not bad either because it is somewhat erotic being the student and them the teacher :eek:nthepull

To conquer fear is to experience life....and so DW retreats back into the darkness...
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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