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How do you make an ISO thing?

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Im not sure if im allowed to ask this, but plz dont get mad...

I downloaded the CDRWIN, but for some reason it wont work with my cd rom (it justs restarts the comp, when i load CDRWIN). So is there any other way i can copy all the stuff from a PS cd, into my hardrive. Or take all of its files and compile them into one ISO. Oh by the wa, i think ISO means the Game Image.
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My personal opinion---Use Clone Cd.It was the first software that I used and didnt needed to shift loyalities.Clone cd along with daemon tools work just great (if you want to make a virtual cd rom)
Daemon tools lets you use .ccd? Or do you jusy convert them to .iso or .bin
Originally posted by Asz
Daemon tools lets you use .ccd? Or do you jusy convert them to .iso or .bin
Yes,Daemon tools let me use .ccd .In fact clone cd makes three files .One is .ccd other is .sub and the third one is .img(which takes care of epsxe even if you dont have daemon tools).
Originally posted by Bgnome
try isobuster or discdump.
or Blindwrite .

[]s Badaro
Yeah Blindwrite is the best program to make an ISO
To tell u the straight up truth isobuster beats all(look at the name for cry'n out loud) its very simple to make iso's wit it
It looks different people have different flavours, each liking certain software more than other :)
I think that isobuster is the easiest. But prafull is right try them and see what you like.
well, in my opinnion Blindwrite is the best and the easiest to use!:cool: :cool:
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