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How do you do the Spin-o-rooney ?

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This is probably a reallllllly funny and yet a dumb question , but how do you do the Spin-o-rooney from Booker T ? He does it like every time he does that Axe Kick thing and then does the Spin-o-rooney , and I was wondering if anybody can tell me in detail or just plain facts , how do you do the Spin-o-rooney??????

P.S. - Please do not laugh at me , please just answer the question . You can laugh , but do not flame me ......

P.S.S - I even laughed when I typed down this Question !
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ok, i think the first step is to "Spin"
then i forgot the next step :emb:

hope you dont mind the joking. pretty much everyone on this forum is nice, and most of us joke. and when we joke, it means we're happy :)
and that means we're happy to help. so please provide more description of your problem if you want better chance of getting help.

someone out there must know the rest of the steps for Spin-o-rooney! :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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