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How do you do the Spin-o-rooney ?

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This is probably a reallllllly funny and yet a dumb question , but how do you do the Spin-o-rooney from Booker T ? He does it like every time he does that Axe Kick thing and then does the Spin-o-rooney , and I was wondering if anybody can tell me in detail or just plain facts , how do you do the Spin-o-rooney??????

P.S. - Please do not laugh at me , please just answer the question . You can laugh , but do not flame me ......

P.S.S - I even laughed when I typed down this Question !
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Heh heh... "hey ma, we goin' tuh see sum wrasslin' tonight?" "Sure thang, George! Now come heah, you big sexy man, you!" "Aw, shucks, maw!"

Wrestling :rolleyes:

Breakdancing tutorials are all over the net... shouldn't be too hard to find from google.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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