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how do people make emulators?

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i know its a big questio but i dont understand how in such a small program u can emulate a machine such as playstation?
can anyone explain to me how they do it in general?
and if one game works then how come not all the games work?
are not all the games the same?
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well, my guess is as good as yours cos i never made an emu, but as nobody replyed till now, here goes a lot of manbo jambo that i invented as i was writing:
Pc works with does the PSX.... what one has to do is criate a diversion to the pc so that he thinks he's a playstation....for this you need a bios... than you make a little program that send the bios to the you put a PSX cd in the cd rom drive...(he is almost convinced now) the final toutch is to make something that prevents him to check out it is a hoax... so you select a lot of plugins to keep him ocupied (that's why some games are so slow)...and now you have yourself a playstation. :p
As for the fact that some games work and others don't...well when the games don't work is because the pc found that he's not a you have to wait that the software that emulates the psx can fool the pc it? :D

ok, i only wrote this so that anyone that knows better come and give other options ( the real one would be nice)!
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thanks for the reply sxamiga ... it was very educational!
It sure killed my curiosity also! :)
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