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How do I use those Gamefaqs saves on ePSXe?

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Do I need a special hard/software or something? Thanks in advance.
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no, they should be selectable from the memory card menu. if it still doesnt work, check to make sure the reagon matches the game.
you'll need to get a program like PSXmemtool to convert the saves from dex drive format into ePSXe's .mcr format.
Oh, I just changed the extension with Rename and it worked. Thanks anyway!
strange. i've heard of that working but i tried it once and it didn't work for me. maybe i renamed wrong :???:
Yeah, it doesn't work. After about 20 minutes of play, or a special magic or FMV (I'm playing FF8/9) epsxe crashes. What's the program needed? Thanks in advance!

oh sorry i hadn't seen the link. Thanks people!
Wouldn't you by chance be playing on ePSXe 1.6.0? If so, try with 1.5.2, the latest version has known problems with those games. Anyway, you want the memcard managers present on ngemu's epsxe's utilities section.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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