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How do I use memcards and savestates at the same time?

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Cannot use memcards after loading savestate

It seems that when you do a state save a virtual memcard is created within the savestate. When you quit, and come back and load the state, any changes u make to the memcard is made ONLY on the virtual memcard inside the savestate, not in the actual memcard file.

EDIT: I guess my question is how can you save to the physical memcard file after loading a statesave?
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Oh and this is with FF8.
Its getting really annonying as statesaves seems to have stability problems, but I am forced to use the statesave now.
Same problem..

I'm experiencig the same problem playing "Castlevania: SOTN" :(
well when you use a savestate, it save the memcards to temp.000 and temp.001 which is mem cards 1 and 2 respectively. so what you can do is save your game and then when you exit go find those files (under the memcards directory of EpsxE). and rename the extension to *.mcr. then load up Epsxe and have the memcards point to that. However there is a easier process if you're just trying to get past a point that freezes with savestates (ff9). just save your game and then goto the Epsxe GUI and say restart under the run menu or something. then don't load your savestate and just load you save game. good luck.
Yup.. just read the FAQ too... that should solve your problem...
so does that mean that if I save to memecard after saving a state, then load another state it will still use the temp memcards from the previous game?
it's changed in 1.4, no more temp memory card. you are saving to an actual memory card even if you load and save a savestate.
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