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My computer is pretty new with good gaming hardware, im using a Geforce 4 XFX 5700 Ultra card, P4 2.8 Hyperthreading, 1 gig of ram, Windows XP Professional, (Windows service pack 2, if that matters) PSXE 1.6.0 with the SCPH-7502 BIOS plugin P.E.O.P.S. 1.16 Vid Plugin and Eternals sound plugin. Im trying to tweak FF8 to look the nicest and play the best, (at normal speed with normal sound) ive pretty much got the speed and sound right, and the game looks ok.

The thing is, is that im reading everywhere ISOs are better/faster than cds? (i might be wrong) the games looks alright but still wierd. I know it looks nicer on a ps2, and im trying to get my game to look as close to that as i can. If some1 has got their FF8 game looking pretty nice can u please tell me what video settings and all u have?

Also if i get the setting down for this game, i take it another might run well with other settings? Please post your FF8-Tacics settings here.

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i'd suggest Pete's OGL2 for video (nice preset works well, try Very High X and Y also), Eternal SPU is good for your sound.

ISOs are much faster than pretty sure your HDD has a better access speed and random access time than your CD ROM drive ;)

for configs, try
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