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How do I run FFIX PAL UK on any psx emulator. I've tried ePSXe, didn't work. What setup/plugins would I need?
My system:
Intel Pentium III 500
3dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP
192mb RAM
13gb Harddisk
SBLive! Player 1024 Soundcard
(I've got the two recommended BIOS files on ePSXe)

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U can t. sorry.
FF9 PAL must be patched in order to play on epsxe or any other emu.
There are no patch available for the UK pal version of ff9 at the moment...
But the FPSE team claims that the next version of fpse will be able to run ff9 w/o any patches...It could be the only way to play it for U on an emu....

Let s wait and see

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