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I wanted to put my youtube videos on my website but have them show up in a video player like this one

Prom Queen | Lil Wayne | Music Video | MTV

Where and how do I go about in doing this?
Welp, "somehow" you have to be able to catch the FLV files on Youtube servers. We used to be able to do that at first... but now... I don't know of any current method to directly link to Youtube's servers to catch those FLVs.

But if you are able to catch them, then it's only a matter of putting together a video player. Adobe already provided a cool interface for that so you can just skin over it in a matter of minutes. If you don't have Flash then I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone who has it... and/or pay someone else to do it. Be aware, though, Flash developers are quite expensive nowadays. ;)

I'd recommend using the default Youtube player to avoid the hassles. Catching the FLV on Youtube's server is also seemingly... illegal. And I think they force you to go through their player interface to be authorized for streaming those FLVs, anyway. Security has gone waaaayyyy up ever since they introduced HD videos.

Another simple way is to host your own videos... though I can imagine bandwidth being a huge problem there.
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