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I was just curious to find out exactly what processes are involved when a video game gets published and sold in retail stores. That is, from the person/company that says "we have this idea for a game", to the person(s) who approve of said game, to the game engineers and developers, to the final product and distribution.

Reason I ask is because I have these ideas for a Jurassic Park game that I and many other JP fanatics would like to see. In the history of the JP game franchise, I feel like there has not been one single decent JP game which is a good dedication to the film franchise and many others feel the same way too. JP fans have been fantasizing and dreaming for years about the perfect JP game. For several years, people have attempted to make mods and such with not much success. I mean afterall, one has to have a lot of free time and patience on their hands to accomplish such a project, plus the valuable materials of the JP universe. Plus, much of the cool info and materials regarding the details of the JP universe have never been directly released and kept private and only scant pieces have been gathered by myself primarily. At current, many are attempting to make a JP game using the SDK tools which come with the game Far Cry, which is practically the perfect gaming engine and SDK software for creating a JP game. So I was hoping to maybe contact Universal Studios or whoever to ask and see what it would take to get an awesome JP game on the market, what strings do I have to pull, what people do I have to talk to, etc. All the looking around I've done keeps sending me to Vivendi Universal Studios Games, and I've called them countless times without success. They keep telling me their not the right people to talk to and to contact Universal Studios. And I've contacted Universal Studios as well and all they do is just forward me back to Vivendi. It's all very frustrating.

The best example of the people involved in getting a JP game published is through the most recent JP game: JP Operation Genesis. Which was a very kiddie game for totts, but serious JP fans want something much more darker and scarier. So for info regarding the most recent JP game, go to
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