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How did they rip Atomiswave sprites ?

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Well if you were checking SNK's game NGBC trailers, you may have seen the new intro between Kyo and Iori. I found it in a gif ahile ago. But how did they rip it ? AW isn't emulated yet, and even the game isn't released yet :p . Plus the trailer with the intro is hi quality enough to rip animation looking as good as original.

The only logic solution is that the intro was made from other kyo/iori moves (as the intro is a composite of some of their old moves) . But that isn't truly right since Iori ends the intro with a pose he has never done it before (except in the main intro sequence of KOF96 and that wasn't in his pixelated sprite.
Some one correct me if i'm wrong or tell me how did they do it ^^
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Even if the game hasn't been released, that doesn't mean no one was able to get a copy :p. And sprite ripping doesn't require the system to be emulated. Actually it's fairly easy if the graphics aren't compressed/encrypted. Plus, the graphics format for the DC is already well documented, and the Atomiswave's hardware is virtually identical to it.

Actually though, my best guess is that SNK themselves released the gif, either on their website or in some sort of promotional material.
1) SNK didn't release it.
2) AW is higly encrypted (that's why they didn't manage to emulate it yet)
3) It's completely stupid to get a copy of a non released game yet just to rip some animations :p and not to make several copies of it ^^
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