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how configure ENTER key as START button...

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the only way i get to configure the ENTER key as the START button is hacking directly in windows registry, putting the code (28) at the proper place - there is an easy way? (sort of combination of alts, ctrls, tutti frutti key? :)

...the problem is the "focus" on the DEFAULT button - when i press ENTER or NUMPAD ENTER to configure the button, it completely restore the gamepad to the default keys (doh!)...
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Ok so now for the really really really easy way! :) beats my original reg hack and the messing around with the ALT key!

Right click in the box you want to change to Return, Press Down until an option is selected (undo) and Press Enter

Voila! :)

hey - it WORKS! bye bye registry :p

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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