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How can i get ePSXe to work????

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I have tried 2 games..Mega Man Legends and Breath of fire 3, they both show error messages. WHat is up?the picture shows what it does. I have tried Lewpy's 3dfx, Petes d3d driver. What plugins do u reconmend?

By the way, if the pic is broken, just go HERE
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Hey first of all
Don t ask for a bios in this board!!!(It s forbidden...)

Have U a bios?
If not U must find it ON UR OWN

If yes, select it from epsxe in the menu:



That s simple!

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k dude
guess I ll learn better my english lessons :D
I can help U for BOF3, cuz' it works perfectly...

If U stay locked at the loading screen? JUST D/l ePSXe cutor
go to the options and disable the ePSXe gui and type in the command-line switch -nogui

(BTW I suppose it s written in the faq....)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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