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How am I going to play FFX?

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I love those Final Fantasy games, but im also a cheap skate :p

I was wondering if theres a Ps2 emulator in the making or if dis game (FFX) is ever going to come out on PC (pls) :D

PS: I completed Final Fantasy 9 in just under 45 hours, in about a week and a half z_z wheres that sleep i gotta catch up on

pps: I wubbs u dagger :X
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To answer your queries.

1. You can play the FFX game by purchasing a PS2, and asking somebody from japan to get the japanese version for you. :p The US version is slated to come out next year january.:D

2. There is NO PS2 emulator available yet, there's lots of dufus ps2 emulators being trashed around, they are fake. It'd probably take a couple more years before there's one, maybe even never. (search the board for related threads).:D


hope the answers suffice.:D
Q: How am I going to play FFX?

A: With a PS2.

That just about sums it up. Unless you can code a fully working PS2 emulator in the next three months that will give smooth performance on current tech.
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