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Directly, no, you can't because the hardware layout is NOT just a PC in a box.

I remember your nick from youtube and you replied to the XQEMU video. In case I didn't explain it thoroughly enough, let me do so here. The reason you see the Xbox bios running in QEMU was because the source was heavily modified to accomodate for Xbox's hardware differences and security hardware/features. Xbox's boot process is different from a normal PCs, hard drive formatting is different, and lots of sub standard hardware that QEMU doesn't support was added to get that far. Unlike VMWare, QEMU is open source and not owned by a major corporation either, hence the modifications were added over time that led to the Xbox bios animation you witnessed on youtube. The fact that QEMU was open source was the reason you have people like espes putting forth the effort to form XQUEMU.

This question has been asked numerous times, and now XQUEMU is proof of concept for an open source VM. For closed source VMs and/or VMs that are owned by major corporations there's no chance in hell due to legal issues, not to mention that it's not within their business plan to implement such functionality.
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