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How about a GB/GBC Screen Shot Forum?

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I got some screen shots from Gameboy Color Games that I would like to post up on the forum.

Though such a forum doesn't exist on this board.

How about creating one?
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Hrmm, point is, GB(C) isn't next-gen! :) It isn't covered by NGEmu either..
Base on your logic, the PSX is not next generation either.
Perhaps that's only part of the logic we use for defining "next-gen": the DC, GBA, PSX, N64 and Saturn all pose a challenge to emu authors, whereas for GB(C) there are loads of emulators which more or less all look alike. Also, the GBA/PSX/N64 scene is a lot more active than the GB(C) one, and we're hoping for the DC/Saturn scene to become the same. The GB(C) scene has already had it's active period..

.. and why make a GB(C) forum for the boards when NGEmu doesn't even cover it?
I got a few GBC games that has a very slim chance of being release outside of Japan. ( Eg. Sakura Wars GB)

I thought some people in the forum might be interested at looking at them since these games are somewhat obscure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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