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Hoshigami Remix

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So, yea, I started playing this game again because I remember that it used to have many Fatal Error parts, and everyone knows what that means, if you saved and didn't exit the program, you lose everything.

Since at that time there was no such thing as NO$Zoomer and we were still on 2.4 something, I thought that it might have been fixed... Well... It wasn't :(

So, does anyone know if there's a fix for those stupid errors?
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Why not try it on the latest version? The emulator has come a long way and I'm pretty sure that should work
Hm... ORLY? WOW! Why didn't I think about that! Geez... You must be a genius or something!

Oh wait... That's right... I DID TRY IT! And that why I said:

"I thought that it might have been fixed... Well... It wasn't"

Implying that I tried it with the newest version + NO$Zoomer and the error still happened.


Well, now for those who actually BOTHERED to read the whole post, still awaiting an answer. Maybe a combination of EX?
Maybe it is still not supported somehow, since you already tried using the latest version and no$zoomer, and I assume there's nothing wrong with your system config. Why not try other emus like DeSmume or Ideas. Oh, and yes you are Ozz :thumb:
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