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Hookling up a dvd player too your pc

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Iv been looking into this, other than using that front pannel thing that comes with most audigy 2 cards now adays ( i dont know what its actualy called) i pritty much dont want to get that unless theirs an external version of that drive bay i can use. so im trying to look into other ways too hook up a dvd player to my pc, any ideas? iirc iv been told a tv out card might be the only way to go. but i want to look at all options :)
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i always thot creative was a sound card company ... apparently their sound cards accept video in?
u mite want to actually read the site rather than look at it. that "video editing" soundblaster is a usb box (a completely different product than a card) that mounts outside the computer. hence, its not "internal" nor does it "comes with most audigy 2 cards now adays". the "front pannel thing that comes with most audigy 2 cards" is completely different and offers no videoin.
try reading and quoting the entire sentence.
yes i read the whole sentence, i just wanted to Blatantly point out the fact that it did have video input when you said otherwise
what has video in? and what did i say has no video in?
/me slaps D.D. around with a large trout

that usb box thing!
which question are u answering? try to answer both, i think u can do it.

EDIT: heres some hints:

1.) Card:

a "front panel" audio drive (which you were refering to)

2.) USB box

USBBox != sound card's internal front drive
USBBox does NOT come with any audigy 2 sound card.

i had hoped that since u are a computer repair man that it wudnt have needed to come to this...
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no, where did i say that the usb box has no video in? be specific and quote. because i really need specifics.

oh...and do try to quote within context..

EDIT: do u even realize that what you were talking about in your initial post, the "front pannel thing that comes with most audigy 2 cards now adays", is something entirely different (and i repeat, offers NO VIDEOIN) and that the Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor is just the box and has no "card"?
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