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Hookling up a dvd player too your pc

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Iv been looking into this, other than using that front pannel thing that comes with most audigy 2 cards now adays ( i dont know what its actualy called) i pritty much dont want to get that unless theirs an external version of that drive bay i can use. so im trying to look into other ways too hook up a dvd player to my pc, any ideas? iirc iv been told a tv out card might be the only way to go. but i want to look at all options :)
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Kane said:
What are you actualy trying to do? .
Hook up a dvd player to my pc

You can do that if you get a TV tuner card (or simply TV card). I don't think they are called "tv out card". Since most modern video cards have tv-out, I doubt there is a separate card for it. Anyways, once you get a TV card, you can hook up your DVD-player/consoles/anything with s-video or composite out and output the video via software on your computer. But the resulting image quality is nowhere close to pretty, so uh... unless you absolutely must, I'd suggest get a DVD-ROM.
so it looks like a tv card s the only way to go then, either that or that sound blaster thing. how bad is the the quality with a tv card?
u guys might want to actualy look at soundblasters site sometime. the card itself doesnt have video input obviously, since its a sound card. Their new Audigy 2 ZS is a video editer That has video input plugs on it , thats what iv been refering too
D.D. said:
completely different and offers no videoin.
From the features section:
DV, S-Video, and Composite video inputs and outputs
offer no video in does it?
XxCrashxX said:
lol wow miscomunication

ok the device your looking at is an external usb device(as earlier stated) which unless it is USB 2.0 it is going to have limited bandwidth and crappy quality video

you never have said what you intend on doing with this, and no " hooking it up to my computer" does not tell us anything. But I assume that you mean record/ watch video from you dvd player on your pc.

If so your are going to need an internal tv tuner card, it requires a pci slot and does not use a drivebay, range from 20-??? dollars

if you used creatives thing it could work with tweaking. might have loss of sound. probley wont work the same way, my guess with tweaking you could get it to play a dvd but youd probley only get left/right stero output. possible loss of picture quality. but it could possibly work :) (just an idea)

try reading and quoting the entire sentence.
yes i read the whole sentence, i just wanted to Blatantly point out the fact that it did have video input when you said otherwise :thumb:

Personaly, I'd think that hooking up a DVD player to your PC was a stupid idea. The quality loss you gett is quite high. You are far better playing DVDs on the PC.
yeah iv just been questioning buying another dvd rom though, thats why i wanted to exhaust all options before doing so. I cant seem to solve that video lagging problem, even with irc closed in the background it would lag while using a dvd rom. its pritty much the only reason why i havent gotten another dvd rom and wanted to look at other options
D.D. said:
what has video in? and what did i say has no video in?
/me slaps D.D. around with a large trout

that usb box thing! :lol: :rotflmao:
D.D. said:
which question are u answering? try to answer both, i think u can do it.

EDIT: heres some hints:

1.) Card:

a "front panel" audio drive (which you were refering to)

2.) USB box

USBBox != sound card's internal front drive
USBBox does NOT come with any audigy 2 sound card.

i had hoped that since u are a computer repair man that it wudnt have needed to come to this...

you really need specifics dont you

what has video in?

and what did i say has no video in?

it was the answer to BOTH QUESTIONS :rolleyes:
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