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Hokuto No Ken 2 doesn't work

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Hello. I have tested a lot of games and most of them work well.
Hokuto no Ken 2,a new japanese ntsc game, doesn't work: the
intro is good, but when the game starts, the dialogues are badly
temporized. When you meet the first boss, there are legs that fly
around the screen. Then the game freezes. :(
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Never heard of this game...rpg?!!!
Yes it's true, hokuto 2 doesn't work with epsx
it seems to be related to the dialogues...

anyway it works with VGS !!! (but it's ugly :( )
Maybe this should be fixed in the next version of ePSX

and for hoyoyo80, hokuto no ken 2 is a beat-them-all in 3D !
I know that it works on VGS. This 'd be a bug report. Probably as you say, the
bug is related to the dialogues, but in the first enemy encounter the wrong
poligons are related to interpretation code error???

Thanks for your reply
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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