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Hikano 9 hits combos with striker (kof2000)

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This 9 hits combo is abit harder than the 7 hits combo,thus more deadly.

The hardest part for this 9 hits combo is the third hit.
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prepare to die!

that is it!

The total is 9 hits, too bad the recording program failed to capture the 9th hit screen.
So far, the only combo i cant do is kim's combo in kof99,which the total hits is more than 20 hits with normal super combo ( i think it can break 30 hits if u have low hp ).Only one of my friend (which was the champion of king of fighter 2000 in my country ) can do this cambo so far. If anyone here can do this combo, plz post the screenshots if possoble.
Hey. How did u pick that secret extra iori striker?
Originally posted by ToM_E
Hey. How did u pick that secret extra iori striker?
you pick him by having Iori as your striker then highlight mature and vice while on them do u,l,l,l,r,r,r,d(doesn't need to be fast) then press any button

how about a good combo for clark:
hcf k -> hcf p + B+C(alternate Iori), (charge b)f p cancel dp p -> hcf p.
that does around 50% damage, we call it double people's elbow!
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