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High Score Thread

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Hi guys

We all are good in many different type of video games. I was wondering why not we should share of glorious high scores with each other.

My highest score in Capcom versus SNK 2 is 1233.566 with my Ryu, Ken, and Kyo Team.
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Snake 2 on my Nokia 3310: 1888

easy one to remember ;)
I should look up my Powerstone 2 high scores.
Some of my best scoreboards

HL2 Team DM

CSS with only Pump-action shotgun and D.E. as sidearm :)
I posted my kof98 scores and challenged anyone to break it here and at other forum .
Some one did here before so I replied with this , but no one was able to break it again ever .

I have some scary Garou scores aswell , but you'll have to wait to see my scores .
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Snake 2 on my nokie 3350: 9777.... Believe it or not... :evil:
Screenshot plz? :innocent:
How were you able to reach that? playing on level 10 and completing the game? oO
Cid Highwind said:
Screenshot plz? :innocent:
How were you able to reach that? playing on level 10 and completing the game? oO
Actually... it only has level 9 in nokia 3350... To achieve that score requires patience... I made use of a bug/glitch in that cellphone that made it possible to reach that score...! :evil:

The snake won't grow if you keep pausing after you eat some food... So, the time you eat food and paused the game, then returned... The AI of the cellphone would ignore the snake grow on second move after eating the food... Hence, the snake is still short even after eating many food... I'll post the screenshot someday... :evil:
Picture 1: High score in Grind Stormer using savestates :p. Without them, I'm lucky if I break 500,000 before using another continue. It's a pretty difficult game.
Picture 2: Probably my best performance in CS. For some reason I did really well on that map.
Picture 3: With the help of savestates :)innocent: ), I got a ton of rings, as well as overall points. Playing the game on a P200 may have helped too, I believe it ran at half speed without sound :p.
Picture 4: Apparently the AI cars in NFSU2 suck at drifting. I can usually get at least double of the second place car's score oO.
Actually my highest score in Snake 2 is 2223 ^_^

Anyway here is my highest score in SFA3 , With Akuma in A-ism . Btw my highest combo hit was 16 :) .

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Last balde time attack score . I was always bad there :p

25 with Hibiki power style .
Shotgun only :)
In the right hands, this gun is very effective hehe

Grrr can't thumbnail them... do I have to upload them to NGE to have them previewed?
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