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I have the game Super Smash Bros. Melee, and i'm playing it with dolphin (which works perfectly fine)
after a while playing the game weird black lines appear under the feet of the character, here is a pic -

and sometimes it gets even worse when most of the ground is pitch black

I have -

8800GT 520MB
2.60GHz Dual Core Intel

and another problem i experience (acctually its not a problem, its more like a mis-understanding) is how to put a save in SSBM -

I've been trying to download all characters for the game, and the files i get are stuff like gci. or sav. and other stuff like that... what do i do with them? how do i make them work? how do i use the Memcard Manager? :???: and can anyone give me a good 100% finished game of Super Smash Bros. Melee? (all characters + all stages + all trophies if possible)

And now for SSB-Brawl -

I just wanted to ask, will this game be fixed? i mean, it always crashes when you -

*Press back at character selection window
*Trying to proceed after a fight
*Playing Subspace Emissary and getting to the video when weird purple things fall down.

does anyone know a way to make the game work well?

and what is the best version of Dolphin? I'm really confused... there are many revs and stuff that are all over the net.

Sorry for my lame english! i'm not from anywhere near :cool:
and sorry if this is the wrong place to post in, i'm new, and if there are answers for this over the net, sorry, I've been looking for answers quite a while and couldn't find a thing.

Thanks ahead for answering.


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hey, i tried to do this -

Enable Cheats
and then i have alot of AR Codes like -

All trophies, All characters, All stages (or even a no-skirt mode for zelda and peach :thumb:)

and when i go in the game, nothing happens i have no cheats on...
what do i need to enable for the cheats to work?
Please, It will be really good and helpful if you'd give me a guide to getting everything in this game.

Thank you.

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Hey, i want to have all characters in super smash bros melee ,i've been trying all kind of stuff with my friends, nothing would help it...
i tried new codes and stuff, new saves, but i couldn't manage to do it.
i tried Enable Cheats as well, nothing will work, i tried a newer rev, and older rev - still nothing.
can someone please guide me 1 to 1 on how to get all characters?

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Any help with these saves? I have "use cheats" on and for unlock characters, I put:

FBVP - 6JV1 - 474FC
Y31F - BZ4Q - A0RVA

But on another site, I saw the code as:


So what do I put? Should there be spaces on either side of the dash? Do I use the "0" and "1" as in the second example? I've tried every combination and it doesnt work.

I also tried the save files at gamefaqs but theyre all gci and apparently you need gcp or raw files. I found no way to convert these into gci.

Does anybody just have a save state with everything unlocked? That would seem the easiest way to do this.
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