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Hi, a quick question...

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Hi, im new to the emu scene and was just wondering if i could run Final fantasy 9 (pal) and Grandia (pal) using ePSXe, ive tried getting a bios etc but when i put the games in the window just stays black and nothing happens. Any help would be great, thanks.

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uk version of ff9 pal? If so you'll need some kind of a patch. Search the boards for "ff9 pal uk patch".
Great thanks, anyone know about grandia? Do i need some sort of plugin espessially for that? oh another thing when i configure my epsxe i get a "Thunk conecting failed 32->16 message" whats that about?

The thunk error is due to having too many plugins installed. Remove some of the useless ones.
yup, just delete all the plugins that you don't use and just put the one that you use
yes, delete some plugins especially cdrtsgmscdex or something like that
Great thanks for the help guys.

YAY! i got grandia working! =)
Only one problem, i have no sound during movies, is this a commen problem? Which plug ins should i mess with to correct this? cdrom, video?

Thanks again.

hey betamax i bet you're getting tired of answering all those thunk connecting failed questions.........
Naw the record currently is replying to approx 5 different posts about ff9 Uk not working in one day back before there was a patch.
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