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Heya VP fans!! this is for you!

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I wanted to share this with you guys(or gals)! For a long while i've been playing Valkyrie Profile on CVGS(shouldn't it be SonyVGS now?) and it works really well.

The catch is that i've been playing the seraphic gate, in which there are NO scenes that require the massive 3d renderings of the the 3d map scenes. (although it's not really that massive i just wanted to make a point here!:D

Anyway, it's really fun to play through the seraphic gate in VGS 'cus it's one of the best battle emu's and sound emu's. I did have some frame problems where the battle would freeze, but it was easily solved by pressing select or waiting for the Purify Wierd Soul to end. (unless it's aelia's, hers doesn't work so don't try to fix it :p) Otherwise the voices/music/sound are awesome and so is the game!:emb:

Mind you I played through the gate using the save anywhere code pec(v.1.2) code (which i think is 301F6274 0011) so that i would actually have TIME to finish it hehe.

I should also say that the characters in this file were worked on really hard by someone (forgot who he was) and they are all lvl 99 with maxed skills and you have some great items with him. The save is also at the end if you really wanna spoil it. ;)
But just start the game, choose Seraphic Gate, then choose the memory card file for Jotunheim Palace, and HAVE FUN!!!!!! :emb:

(oh yeah i almost forgot, this is cvgs ver. 1.41 unpatched :p , and i'm including one of my saves offa it where i have freya and her best weapon!! Also, the voices card has the whole collection of voices in the sound menu so check that out too! I wouldn't recommend fighting the dragon in my save in the voices card-the last save on the card- unless you are REALLY experienced w/ vp)

Well, here's the file that you need to start the Seraphic Gate! (i hope i attach it right :D
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...he he !! really like Valkyrie Profile, don't you tk1337 ?
Patience - it looks like that it'll finally be emulated on the
next version of ePSXe...
You can find many memcard files like this at gamefaqs, by the way.
You are correct - pressing select will remedy some minor battle freeze situations that VGS is experiencing, as stated here ...let's hope that ePSXe will emulate the battles perfectly - without minor freezes. The only emu capable of doing that so far, was PCSX.
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