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Heh. Sorry if this is a bother or anything, but I'm wondering if, now with sprite
smoothing, that idea I had earlier is possible...
How are you going about it, anyway?
I am pretty sure that it was a great idea, but I receive a lotta 'good ideas' from day to day, and I can't remember all of them (yeeeks, I am getting old), so you have to be more specific about it :)

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Ah, I see.
I've been thinking...since the PSX was originally developed as an add-on for the SNES, the PSX hardware handling polys, textures and some of the sound, and the SNES handling the sprites, what do you think the chances are of somehow creating a plugin or some sort of function for an emu so that sprites are handled like they were on SNES hardware, and the rest handled as usual?
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