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Hey Where's Asz?

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anybody seen that crazy Tucsonian? :evil:

.. this prolly should be in spam forum...
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Maybe Asz found a girl while DDRing, ate her, and is currently fleeing the authorities? :confused:
why that evil son-of-a.. :evil: .. or he could still be munching on those little witches he kidnapped last holloween.. :evil:
He kidnapped witches? Eh? Did I miss something?
well for a tucsonian, i wouldn't put that pass him.. :D
I'd think Asz would choose to eat the tastier people, but what do I know? It is kind of strange he hasn't posted recently...He hasn't had any activity since his last post, either (almost two weeks ago).
yup, i guess the police finally caught up with him! :evil: .. or he broke his back ddring! :evil:
Maybe he got too drunk when the Diamondbacks won the world series and ate someone he shouldn't have?
This must stop! Asz can't go on eating people everytime he feels like it! it must .. it must Stop! :evil:
Is there a Cannibals Anonymous support group? And if so, did the Tucsonians already eat them?
the lawyers in Arizona must've sued him for everything he owns after eating one of their brethen. :D
he probably contracted some ghastly gastro-intestinal disease because of eating one of 'em lawyers! :evil:
Consuming all that hot air would be problematic...
.....probably :fart: ed himself to death :D :D :D
He'll be :fart: farting for months! nyaha!:evil:
And think about what his breath must smell like after eating those lawyers. :eyes:
Well, with all that shit coming out of their mouths, you can just imagine.. :evil: j/k
Watch it, Xeven. And not all of them smell bad, but I would suspect Tucsonian lawyers are worse than usual.
There.. i put a john kennedy in hope that i won't get my a$$ flamed off! :evil:
Xeven: actually, that wasn't what I was referring to, but oh well. I was talking about the words you selected. :p
1 - 20 of 79 Posts
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