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Audio tracks (cdda) are not played by the spu plugins. Currently
ePSXe is doing cdda by using MCI commands, instructing the cd drive
to play the audio directly.

My cdr plugin has also an interface for playing audio tracks (not using
MCI, but some native scsi commands, of course I dunno if all drives can
do this). Only PCSX is supporting this interface right now, though
(but there are some rumors that AdriPSX and ePSXe will support the new
cdda cdr interface in one of their next releases, too ;) )

Well, to hear the music your drive needs an audio connection to your
sound card, of course. You can check that by putting an audio cd
into your drive, and start up some cd player application. If you
can hear the music, your system is ready for psx-boogie-woogie :)
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