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Just a small tech question. :)
Does ePSXe, Psemupro, etc...send data to an emulated frame buffer, or do you guy's do all that through the DMA chain thingy?

Was thinking that if it was possible and the emulator sent the info to an emulated frame buffer it might speed up the transfer process by a lot (No pulling things out serially) you could just pull things out of the Frame buffer (Chunks at a time) do the conversions and display it :)

anyway's just a thought, it's probably not feasible, but hey you never know without asking ;)

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Literally all framebuffer data is read and written in chunks. Only a very limited amount actually comes down in the DMAChain itself. Some data is transfered via register reads/writes, but only when the transfer is small I think.
I guess if the plugin doesn't export the routines needed for chunk reading/writing then everything would be done via the registers, but all current GPU plugins do (I haven't done an exhaustive check of them though).
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