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My last past was sometime ago,on the matters of a few wii titles but now this is pointed only towards Dead Rising...i just put some time on thursday to work on this,also i installed FRAPS after remembering this was the software i was suppose 2 look into about recording..anyway,this is dead rising loading saves and going last post had photos but even though i had like 100+ or 200+ views on this topic,no 1 took me SERIOUS...HERE IT IS
going 2 be online a little longer,,so if theres questions at mind,,be quick..

Dead Rising.rar
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i dont think quality is important ,,fraps made my video 1.GB+ and i use xilisoft 2 convert 2 avi with lowest settings...LOVE XILISOFT anyway..i also came across a past post a game called VALKERIA or something,,i will look into it and see if what worked for dead rising if it would be the same 4 other games...

also for Dead rising,,u can save ingame but after u exit the game or close out the game,,u will have 2 do the same thing and there u will save whatever saves..i use a download save..
First off,,i'am not signing up 4 youtube just 4 some VIDEO,,i'am a pro member at megau but i didn't want 2 post this game file onto my account thus i came across the website that its posted on...i am not going deeper on this file just 2 share something with some stranger,u think i get paid throwing my time away..if some1 wants 2 know more info on this subject ,who do u think have 2 explain also as 4 strange files..KID i am on vista ultimate,and i fully tweaked it to hardly load up anything that i dont use,,not for speed,,CUZ i hate seeing my task manager fill with crap i don't use also the fact that i place every software ever installed on my pc in a Category an is well watch,,i keep a CLEAN if u dont want the file like it is,,NO WORRIES...but i 4 sure will not waste more time on it...BYE BYE HUN
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1.this is my second video,,the first 1 was at a lower FPS and at some point during recording it would lag here and there also i forgot to start the recording button at the wii start-up thing so i decided 2 make a second vid a few hours later..with wii statr-up an no lag display...
2.i just run xilisoft and choose avi with the lowest setting so file can be ultra small,,i did not think quality would matter for this right now...
3.i turn the audio off in dolphin and i also did not record the audio with fraps. plays well,,i played between 1 or 2 hours with no problem at good speed,,u can also use the speed cheat to give it a boost..i don't play lagging games-so if this game was lagging 4 me,,i would of drop it...THANKS 4 U-TUBING IT..
i think this black loading issue has something to do with the wiimote ini..
first i would delete the wiimote ini-as u can see in the video PLEASE CONNECT NUN-C,then i would click the dolphin main menu to select wii nunchuck checkbox and right after it reaches the title screen,i wait for the image 2 show,,the piece were the zombies r walking about as u can see in the video,,an if done right u will have the load up menu appear,,once it shows just drap your save file in the title were all dolphins saves go,,then exit the load menu ,then enter again an u will have your save game..make sure there no save in the folder,,start everything up with no save,,an after u see the loading screen thats when u place in your saves...
Dolphin-r4246 or 64 bit and Dolphin-x64-r4361 BUILD FROM NEW ORLEANS..i dont think settings matter as long as the game is running,i may have also tested it on a other build but i will check into other builds if any1 wanna 2 know..i promise u it does work.just give it a try a few times until u get it loading...
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