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Here it is

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My last past was sometime ago,on the matters of a few wii titles but now this is pointed only towards Dead Rising...i just put some time on thursday to work on this,also i installed FRAPS after remembering this was the software i was suppose 2 look into about recording..anyway,this is dead rising loading saves and going last post had photos but even though i had like 100+ or 200+ views on this topic,no 1 took me SERIOUS...HERE IT IS
going 2 be online a little longer,,so if theres questions at mind,,be quick..

Dead Rising.rar
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Ever heard of You Tube? Seriously no one wants to download an unknown file. Use You Tube its easier for everyone.
Just so you know 1inuyasha I am 33 years old so technically not a kid. And I did not mean to make you mad or anything, its just not that hard to register or use You Tube. Again I'm sorry.
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