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Here it is

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My last past was sometime ago,on the matters of a few wii titles but now this is pointed only towards Dead Rising...i just put some time on thursday to work on this,also i installed FRAPS after remembering this was the software i was suppose 2 look into about recording..anyway,this is dead rising loading saves and going last post had photos but even though i had like 100+ or 200+ views on this topic,no 1 took me SERIOUS...HERE IT IS
going 2 be online a little longer,,so if theres questions at mind,,be quick..

Dead Rising.rar
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Here's one for all you naysayers:


1.) Why did you record it at 50fps?

2.) Why did you transcode it to DivX 3?

3.) Does the game actually run with audio or was it just recorded with it turned off?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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