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that is nice

that is a nice one . I am also getting the sagitarius symbol to cover up a cross on My right arm , good thing is I got a deal going on with My tattoo artist , I find pictures and print them out and I get practically any tattoo I want just for handing the pics over .

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Kellicros said:
Dunno, I don't like that apple in there but maybe it's just me. :p

At first, I thought it was a little odd too, but then I thought about all the ways that sort of imagery could be interpereted if one was so inclined. The apple could represent learning (from the old 'give a teacher an apple' thing), as well as indicating growth and sexual maturity. Also, the dragon coming form the apple might represent evolution, that from the expierence a new perspective is born. It might also mean that LSD is well hidden in an apple, and you see all sorts of freaky **** when you ingest powerful hallucinogens.

I tend to prefer off the wall tattoos with unusual imagery that make you think. I mean, if your going to permenantly draw on your body, it should be something which can maintain interest and discussion for years to come. It should also be something unique, since in some sense isn't that the purpose of a tattoo, is a personal identifier (that you identify with personally)?

Or it's helpful if you want to claim your set, so everyone against you knows who to shoot at. (Los Santos Grove Street Families Forever!) :D

WARNING: Graphic description ahead. But its art ('cause it's tattoo'd) so it's cool. ;)

The only tattoo I have ever seriously considered is the kinda of very simple yet tribal like X-thing that you see when starting up Final Fantasy 7 on the PS. Oh yea, that, and once I had the idea of a world, with a dragon behind it belching flame into the air with its claws and paws sunk into the earth drawing blood at four opposing points whilst at the very bottom edge of the sphere one could just make out the bottom of a scaley sac dripping blood and semen. Caption below: "F\_\ck The World". :evil:

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