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Helppppppp!!!!! FF7 problem

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First cd, at the end. When you are near Aeris and she's praying. Cloud is about to kill her, but he is stopped by the others. Then, the game freezes (well epsxe that is). Itried with pete's plug-in opengl, d3d and software. Any clue, I would like to finis this wonderfull game

I also have a Xeno problem, I use pete's plug-in with nice graphics. but the sound is slow and there's a glinch while walking in the desert.
My comp is :
T-B 850
ati radeon 32megs
sb live
512 meg of rams
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Oh and when I save in ff7, i can see my new save but when i close ff7 a load again, I loose those saves.
well the savegame thing is probably because you're using savestates. you need to go and find the temp.000 and temo.001 files in the memcards directory and rename them to soemthing with a *.mcr extension, then point epsxe to it, i think that works. oh and isn't it sephiroth jumping down on aerith?
actually, cloud does act like he is goin to kill her right before sephiroth comes and does it for him....... hehe.....
Must thank to Sephiroth.........
He just save cloud from be a murderer..........
anyone knoes why this problem occurs, I would like to finish this game.

and thanx for the mecard problem
Are you using ePSXe 1.2.0?
If so play the game with the previous version because 1.2.0 has some problems with FF7(fixed in next version).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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