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YO yeah I have no freaking clue what I'm supposed to do after I get my psx game and delta already. okay how do I configure my bios, and all that jazz so I can actually play my final fantasy VIII game?
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the BIOS doesnt need configuring. delta pretty much sets everything up for you as well. you can check for configs though and for the plugins
well I just wanna play like final fantasy games VII through IX and then legend of dragoon. the only games I wanna play with delta. does anyone know how I could do that?

1. install epsxe
2. copy a bios file into epsxe's bios folder
3. run delta
4. select ff7's option from My games
5a. Follow instructions.
5b If the game is an iso specify it from the cdr/image tab
6. insert cd or click on launch emu button.
where do I get bio's for the game though? that's the only part confusing me now
out of your PSX of course, where the BIOS is hiding ;)
okay that doesn't help at all man. how would I get a bios out of psx cause right now not possible. unless there are a few bios I could get from other people I don't think there's a way.
Dude, its ilegal to get the bios files, unless u dump it from the PSX yourself. So, I advice you not to ask for the bios files here on this forum. And please go read the rules!

Hey hushy! 10.000 posts?? Congrats! ;)
during ur search about epsxe u should of come across the emulator and the bios. They usually are on seperate sites. U simply unzip these files and put them in each folder (don't worry about filling every folder) then select wizard and have it confige then test ur plug-ins. Things should work good after taht.
psicomaniaco said:
hey hushy! 10.000 posts?? Congrats! ;)
O_O holy crap! in #hushypushy, reich said "hey hushy congrats on 10k" and i had no idea what he was talking about. i saw that and i looked at my posts and it says 10,001 and i was like "....whoa.." i didnt even try...i was just doing my normal PSX business...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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