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I just download epsxe, got the plugins to atleast get it to work -- (for now) -- and I can't find were to get some basic games to try out. I wanted to start with atleast Final Fantasy 7, or any of the other final fantasies and possibly Metal Gear solid. I also own all of these. Any help would be appreciated.


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In a shop. If you own them, use them. Epsxe plays original games just fine. Asking for places to download games is agaisn't the [rules]rules[/rules], if that was what you were thinking on.
well uh... how about uh.. inserting the discs of those games into your trusty computer and starting up epsxe with the correct CD plugin (just choose the one according to your OS, or download PEOPS's cd plugin)? (of course it would be better to d/l alcohol 120% and make isos of the CD, but running off the cd should work fine) I mean how hard is that?
Now there are a few issues with playing final fantasies and MGS on epsxe, but I... uh.. don't think your topic is moving in that particular direction...

But in case you're still with me, I'll tell you that with the games you mentioned, it is important to download epsxe 1.5.2 (NOT 1.6.0). also the configs for the final fantasies can be quite complicated, so you should go to and check the configuration for each final fantasy there.

thank you. Unfortunately, the disks are so scratched they do not work properly. Thats why I asked.


i like how you asked where to get the discs, then you mentioned that you owned them :p

anyway, you can get some things to buff out the scratches. and perhaps it's too late for those games, but in the future, here:

you guys misunderstood me. I know where to buy the games, the whole point of me getting the emulator and the final fantasies was to play them again because I am not able to.

Basically I am asking if its possible to download them. I have tried cleaning them off myself, but it still has trouble reading the disks.


cluelessdude said:
wo...relax my friend.

bumping is a big :nono:
especially since the last post was only 4 hours ago.

there is no way to download a game. you'll just have to buy another copy
Oh. Im sorry. Apparently my alias describes me very well, like a noob, I didnt read all the rules and I get myself in trouble. ;p Oh well. I guess I will uninstall epsxe.

Thanks anyway,

maybe just go to the store and pick up FF7, i dont know where you live, but over here you can still buy FF7 brand new, it's like $14.99 :p
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