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i not have a vodooo or impact.
i dont have anyone
my pc is a pentium 3 whit 128ram and 550mhz.
What is the form to make run the games in the best way?.
and the best plugins?
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be more specific, each game is different just like every computer there is no one perfect config. , what's your video card?, what operating system?,so on...... i assume you want to use epsxe.
The best GPU plugin depends on your video card. We need to know what video card you have so we can help you.

I find the best sound plug-in to be Null2's, but other people have different results.

You can most of the popular plugins at ePSXe Fanatics.
Actually right now Iori's seems to be the favourite of the crowds, judging from recent posts. If you have an nvidia video card, pete's opengl is recommended, if not, d3d is recommended. Since you say you don't have a voodoo then you probably don't need lewpy's.

i not have a video card
thats way i make this question
becouse, i like to configurate the epsxe on the best way whitout a video card.
my monitor is a samsung 550v whit the program sis.......
i have windows me
i not have a video card
how can you see if you don't have any display card. May be you've built in display card.
I thnk you meant you don't have a good video card(if you don't have one, then you can see nothing on the screen). If that if the case, the only way is soft gpu. Try Pete's Soft plugin or Kazzuya's Soft gpu. sound plugin is better with iori's(at least for me). You can also try VGS.
he just say, he has not a really videocard (that´s what you call it)
I think if you have a sis system, that means you have a sis vcard, and that would work whit pete´s d3d plugin, if not just use a soft plugin, I mean pete software plugin

hey why only pete´s¿ can´t any other people make a good gpu, or cdr¿

ahhh in cd plugin, I recomend (who not¿) the cdr plugin, and in sound, for me the best is Iori´s spu 1.471
hey why only pete´s¿ can´t any other people make a good gpu, or cdr¿
Pete's plug-ins just seem to be the most compatible and easy to use... personally, I use Lewpy's Glide GPU and Iori's 1.471 (yes, I switched, and yes, it's better).

I think what he means by "i not have a video card" is that the only display card on his PC is the built-in factory one, which usually has some 3d capabilities. Therefore, he could try Pete's D3D or just skip the whole 3d accelerator bit and use Pete's Software Renderer.

Pete's GPU plug-ins (download from ePSXe Fanatics)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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